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Division In The Body Of Christ

Written by Minister MarcAlan


Division In The Body Of Christ


Satan uses Race, Politics and Denominations to keep Christians from becoming one unified body in Christ..Some people pick which church they are going to attend based on one of the 3..When you add Arrogance and pride to this group. You have a poison that is lethal to the spiritual mind and body. Arrogance alone is a silent killer to the Christians mind, body and spirit. But Race, Politics and Denominations destroy entire groups of believers.  As a result of this..Christians waste time fighting and arguing with each other. Behind every Superior Race or Superior Politics or Superior Denomination..Are the thoughts of "We are right and they are wrong and We are really better than them"...Christians shouldnt think this way or promote or encourage this way of thinking in anyway.


Denominations....Denominations are not biblical and create division in the Body Of Christ. Denominations are from man and not God. Denominations make Satans job easier. Denominations promote physical and spiritual division in the Body Of Christ. The simple fact that your denomination can keep you from fellowshipping with another Christian. Should let you know that something is wrong. If we are all Christians and all belong to God our Spirit should be in agreement with each other because we all should have the "Holy Spirit" Gods Spirit. So there should be unity and not division.  If you can not fellowship with another Christian because of your church or their church then something is wrong.  Denominations and anything else that divides the The Body Of Christ is not from God. 


Politics....Political Parties also divide The Body Of Christ. There is not one Political party that represents Christian values. There is not one Political party that is guided by the Holy Spirit. There is not one political party that puts Jesus Christ first. No matter what laws are passed or what rights are given Christians still have to follow the Word of God. Imagine what would happen if Christians studied the Words and teachings of Jesus Christ as much as they studied the words of politicians. Christians should not be fighting each other over the laws and policies of the World. Jesus Christ showed us how to live as Christians. He did not endorse one King or a political leader over another. He did not preach politics or argue with other people about the laws of the land. Jesus Christ obeyed God. We have to do the same thing no matter what the law says or what other people are doing. Christians need to obey God. Satan is aggressively attacking the Kingdom of God. Politics is just another avenue Satan uses to keep Christians out of fellowship with God. Remember if you are a Christian you are suppose to be Christ like pursuing a Holy lifestyle and seeking the Will of God.  No matter who is in office we are still Christians. Our hope and trust is in The LORD. When you vote, vote for who is best for you and your family. Dont judge or disrespect another Christian because they voted different than you. And dont sin and lie by saying you voted in the name of Jesus Christ or that your vote represents Christian values. Because if Jesus Christ was alive He would not be voting. He would be obeying God. Preaching and teaching the Word of God. Spreading the good news. Pointing out the hypocrisy amongst the religious leaders and church members and Honoring God the Father with His words and actions.


Race and Ethnicity....Race is also dividing the Body Of Christ..Churches are still some of the most segregated places. As Christians we have to come to a place in our spiritual walk of understanding that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of our race and ethnicity. 


Christians...We cant expect the "world" to accept our testimony for Christ when we dont even accept it from each other. And we cant expect people to take us serious when we are Spiritually divided. That is why it is important to reach for God and study His Word.  As you grow in Christ and draw closer to God. The love inside your heart becomes more and more like the love God has for you. Gods love for you is Unconditional, Reassuring, Dependable, Kind  and Patient. You should show this same love and compassion towards other Christians as well as non believers. 


Matthew 12: 25 Jesus knew their thoughts and replied, "Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed. A town or family splintered by feuding will fall apart.



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