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Purpose of the Church

Written by Minister MarcAlan


Purpose of the Church


In order for a church to fulfill its purpose THE HOLY SPIRIT MUST BE PRESENT.


Christians make up the church.  All Christians are called to love and follow Jesus, love God, love people and spread the Good news about salvation in Jesus Christ. Christians are responsible for spreading the love of God. If you dont have the Spirit of God in you. You cant show people the love of Jesus Christ. Church members should not be lazy or cruel. Church members should be  serious about living for God and reflect it in their lifestyle and attitude towards others. Christians should be active in their community, reaching out to the sick and the poor with the love of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Christians should be spreading the good news about Jesus and living under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  When  people visit your church they are suppose to experience 2 things. The love of God and Conviction from The Holy Spirit. Church members are responsible for showing people the love of God with their words and with their actions.  But Conviction from the Holy Spirit comes from people hearing the Word of God from  preaching  or  scripture and opening their heart to Jesus Christ. Church members should be greeting people with the love of Christ. Church members should be ready to support and encourage people with the Word of God. Church members  should be ready to pray for people with the power of the Holy Spirit. Now If a church leader is off track the entire church will be off track. Christian leaders have to make sure they are saying what God has told them to say. Everything Preached should be in line with the Word Of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. A Christian leader must remain in Christ.  And in Christ leaders are servants.  Before you can lead others you must first obey God and allow The Lord Jesus Christ to lead you.  Today there are to many people who have a desire to lead; but do not have a desire to serve. That is the opposite of what Jesus Christ taught.  If a Christian leader is not willing to serve others he or she is not in Christ.  The people who hold Leadership positions set the attitude and the spirit of the church.  All Christians should serve and worship God in Truth and in Spirit.



Remember In order for a church to fulfill its purpose THE HOLY SPIRIT MUST BE PRESENT.


The Churches main focus should be JESUS CHRIST. 


This is the Gospel, the Message and the Good News ..The birth, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Good news is a message of Repentance, Grace, Deliverance, Salvation. Sacrifice, Forgiveness, Obedience, Faith, Hope and Love. 


The Church should equip people with the Word of God.


The church should be a place where people go to experience the Love of Jesus Christ and learn about the Word Of God. 


At the church people should be able to Learn the scriptures and how to apply the Word Of God to their life.  


The church should help people spiritually mature and grow as Christians. So they are able to fight and survive in spiritual warfare. 


The church should  bring people to Christ by interacting and showing them the love of God.


The church should use scripture to teach people and correct unGodly behavior.


The church should  use scripture to encourage people to grow in Christ and support them with the love of God.


The Church should be a house of healing and deliverance for people who are sick mentally, physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.


The church should  be a House of Prayer, Praise and Worship.


Is your church a place where you are learning how to apply the Word of God to your life? 

Are you maturing in Christ at your church? 

Are you growing spiritually at your church?

Is your church preparing you for spiritual war?

Are people being healed and delivered from illnesses at your church?

Is the main focus of your church  Jesus Christ?

Does your church serve and worship in truth and in Spirit?


Is your church filled with the Holy Spirit? 

Or is your church filled with actors, performers and entertainers?


Churches today have all kinds of stuff..Cafeterias, Cafes, Stores,Gyms, Living Rooms , Dining Rooms, and all kinds of social areas..But do they have the Holy Spirit and the Power of God 



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